Terms and Conditions


HB Training reserves the right to change programmes, courses and requirements; and to modify, amend or revoke any
rules, regulations, policies, procedures or financial schedules at any time during an enrolment period.

1. All learners must agree to the high standards of behaviour, modesty and respect. Abide by the industry standards.
2. HB Training accepts no liability whatsoever for a learner’s personal belongings or vehicles for the duration of a course.
3. All course fees must be paid in full before a student commences a course.
4. Learners must provide a suitable contact telephone number should HB Training need to contact them beforehand.
5. Learners must be prepared to participate in training sessions including practising the techniques on each other, under tutor supervision.
6. HB Training accepts no liability for any adverse physical, medical or other reaction to any product used during a training session unless liability is proved in a Court of Law. Learners must notify HB Training in advance of attendance of any allergies or reactions to any products commonly used or likely to be used during alternative and complementary health practices. If such allergic reactions develop during a course, then the tutor must be informed immediately.
7. HB Training accepts no liability whatsoever for a learners’ employment or interpretation of techniques taught during courses when the course has ended.
8. Learners must not permit mobile phones (or any other device) to interrupt lessons

Course Bookings
To help ensure effective delivery, all our courses are subject to a limit on the maximum number of delegates.
Once a course is full, you will be offered the opportunity to attend the course at a future date however we will contact you should a place become available prior to this. Your place on a course is only confirmed once we have received full payment.

Cancellations & refunds by the centre
All bookings are accepted on the understanding that a course will only be delivered if it attracts the required minimum number of delegates to ensure viability. In the unlikely event that it is cancelled due to insufficient numbers we will notify you and we will refund all fees paid or alternatively we can move your booking date on to the next available course.

Course Bookings
If after booking you wish to cancel we operate a refund policy depending how much notice of cancellation you give.

  • when cancelling more than 4 weeks before the date on which the course is to take place, we will refund the fee you have paid less an admission fee of £10.
  • where you give less than 4 weeks but more than 2 weeks’ notice, we will refund 50% of the fee you have paid.
  • no refunds will be given where less than 2 weeks’ notice is given or in the case of ‘non-attendance’ on the day, regardless of the reason.

Payment Plans
If you are on a payment plan and choose to cancel your course. You will lose your deposit along with any courses already attended prior to cancelling. All course certificates will be held by HB Training until the course payment plan has been made in full.

Additional fees
Any extra training or assessments required outside of the agreed course duration will be charged at a 1-2-1 rate of £20 per hour.

Treatment disclaimer
All learners & models must have a patch test prior to attending course. You will also be required to sign a treatment disclaimer before starting the practical element of your course. if you do not agree to sign this disclaimer, you will not be able to take part in the practical element of the course.

Copyright & legal disclaimer
All training materials reviewed during the course belong to HB Training and must not be used by any persons or organisations outside of HB Training. Materials must not be copied, reproduced or republished in any way.

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